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I have been working since day one to tackle these issues and get the job done for the people of Connecticut, and we’ve already accomplished a lot together.  We passed the largest tax cuts in Connecticut history, protected the environment by bringing wind power and more electric vehicles to Connecticut, expanded access to healthcare and reproductive rights, passed landmark legislation for working families like paid family leave, and enacted some common-sense gun safety measures, just to name a few. There's more work to do and I am just getting warmed up!

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Solving our state’s fiscal crisis and providing tax relief had always been job number one for me.  We've made tremendous progress in the last four years. (Read More)


We need to invest in public education in Connecticut, including our technical schools and community colleges, and grow the education-to-workforce pipeline for jobs in high-tech manufacturing. (Read More)

Healthcare and Reproductive Rights

Connecticut residents need access to quality, affordable healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. (Read More)


When Washington fails to lead on climate legislation, Connecticut must remain vigilant and fight here at home to preserve the environment for our children - it is important now more than ever. (Read More)

Common Sense Gun Control

Connecticut should stay on the forefront of common sense regulation. (Read More)

Voting Rights and Fair Elections

We need to expand voting rights by allowing early voting and continue to protect voting integrity. (Read More)

Advocating for our Communities and my Constituents

I will continue to be an advocate at the State Capitol for local issues in Manchester and Glastonbury.

(Read More)

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