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When Washington fails to lead on climate legislation, Connecticut must remain vigilant and fight here at home to preserve the environment for our children - it is important now more than ever.  We need to focus on growing renewable energy, not building new fossil fuel infrastructure. We need to ban harmful pesticides and chemicals that pollute our environment, our landfills, our food and our drinking water. We need to reduce the use of plastics across the board.

We have made much progress over the last four years and I am proud to have co-sponsored the following:

  • We passed a massive expansion of CT's "Bottle Bill" to encourage more recycling
  • Expanded state farmland restoration programming to include climate-smart farming and forestry practices
  • Set a goal of reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions from electricity supplied to you by 2040
  • We passed the Connecticut Clean Air Act which creates new incentives for consumer and commercial electric vehicles, incentivizes school districts to use electric school buses, Expanded financing to develop zero emission vehicle infrastructure, build more solar power and fuel cells, and reinforce our electric grid against the effects of climate change

Endorsed by CT Chapter of the Sierra Club 2018, 2020, 2022


Paid for by Doucette 2022, Jerald Lentini, Treasurer.  Approved by Jason Doucette 
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