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Transportation and Infrastructure

When Connecticut invests in our roads, bridges, rail and buses, it is investing in the economy and job growth.  We need to not only rebuild our existing infrastructure, but envision transportation for the next generation that focuses on transit-oriented development to attract millennials to our cities. We need to rebuild our transportation network so people have an efficient means to get to work and businesses can grow. In order to meet our transportation infrastructure needs and have out-of-state drivers help pay for our roads.

Connecticut is the only state on the Eastern Seaboard that doesn't charge for the use of its roads.  Out of state drivers, as well as trucks and commercial vehicles carrying commercial freight that wear heavily on our highways have been getting a free ride in Connecticut while paying more in our neighboring states.   This is why I previously supported the concept of "trucks-only" tolls, while pushing back on and opposing broader based tolling plans that affect Connecticut residents.   However, with the economy impacted by Covid-19, I don't believe we should rush into any tolling plan at this time, and we should wait and see if the new Congress and President can finally pass a federal infrastructure bill in 2021.

We should also look at establishing a CT Infrastructure Bank, a concept that has been used with success in other states, to help fund public infrastructure projects.

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